Solar power plants

Wages €:

From 2200 euro/month up to 3300 euro/month NET (the wages are after deduction of all the taxes – as received).

Character of work:

  • Installation, arrangement, connection, launching, adjustment works of solar power stations (installation of modules, control and measurement systems, inverters, batteries, etc.);
  • Electric installations, fitting of control cabinets;
  • Maintenance of solar power plants, elimination of technical problems, failures, and repair works;

Individual and team work. Submission of offers and proactiveness.

No necessary experience? We will always find a solution – having assessed Your competence and knowledge during the meeting, we will organise addition training and introductive programme to the work environment.

We expect You:

  • To have analogous or similar work experience in installation of solar power plants;
  • To have qualification certificates of electric safety;
  • To have qualification certificate of an electrician (advantage);
  • To have electric technical or electric automaton education (advantage);
  • Certificate of resistance measurement (advantage);
  • Competence to read technical documentation and schemes of electric devices;
  • Driving license (category B);
  • To be responsible, thorough, independent and proactive;
  • Basic English skills;
  • National identification or D number (Norway) would be a big advantage;
  • ID06 card (Sweden) would be a big advantage;
  • VCA – occupational safety and health certificate (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Scandinavia) would be a big advantage.

We offer:

  • A promising and stable job;
  • Excellent work conditions and flexibility;
  • Work in the projects of different volumes;
  • Possibilities of professional development and career growing;
  • Accommodation in apartments or part of the house and payment of all expenses;
  • All the means necessary for work (work clothes, shoes, work tools, company’s car, fuel, etc.);
  • Round tickets, training, coordination of departure and return;
  • Full support and communication.

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