Wages €:

From 2600 euro/month up to 3300 euro/month NET (the wages are after deduction of all the taxes – as received).

Character of work: works of preparation, installation, disassembling and insulation of round, oval, rectangular, and square ventilation airducts, channels, units, and shaped pieces. Installation of the systems for smoke removal and air supply.

Welding works of non-bearing constructions (holders) and others.

Selection, designing, installation, connection and launching-adjustment works of the of ventilation systems.

Preventive servicing of the equipment and the systems, repairs, elimination of failures, reconstruction and renewal. Individual and team work. Submission of offers and proactiveness.

No necessary experience? We will always find a solution – having assessed Your competence and knowledge during the meeting, we will organise addition training and introductive programme to the work environment.

We expect You:

  • To have analogous or similar work experience in preparation, installation, and disassembling of ventilation airducts of various shapes, channels, units, and pieces;
  • To have experience in installation of the systems for smoke removal and air supply;
  • To have experience in installation of engineering systems/equipment: recuperators;
  • Plumbing skills;
  • Knowledge of electric installations would be an advantage;
  • Reading of drawings;
  • Welder’s certificate and experience (advantage);
  • Driving license (category B);
  • To be responsible, thorough, independent and proactive;
  • Basic English skills;
  • National identification or D number (Norway) would be a big advantage;
  • ID06 card (Sweden) would be a big advantage;
  • VCA – occupational safety and health certificate (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Scandinavia) would be a big advantage.

We offer:

  • A promising and stable job;
  • Excellent work conditions and flexibility;
  • Work in the projects of different volumes;
  • Possibilities of professional development and career growing;
  • Accommodation in apartments or part of the house and payment of all expenses;
  • All the means necessary for work (work clothes, shoes, work tools, company’s car, fuel, etc.);
  • Round tickets, training, coordination of departure and return;
  • Full support and communication.

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