About us

Our mission – Happy customers and employees

Daikra Engineering

Our mission

Happy customers and employees.

Our vision

To be among the leading companies that are applying the most innovative and sustainable solutions for implementation of all the orders of the customers.

Our values

honesty, openness, care of each customer and complete fulfilment of the customer’s needs, care, protection, inspiration and motivation of the company’s employees.

The long experience reflects the company’s professionalism, good knowledge and competence. Responsibility, dynamism, continuous attention and flexibility serve as the core strengths of Daikra Engineering. The main work principle is an accurate analysis of the customers’ needs, presentation of high-quality efficient solutions, consultations, and responsible implementation of the solutions in the most cost-effective manner and within the agreed terms.

The company performs contracted and sub-contracted works and rents out the employees of high qualification for long-term and short-term projects. The projects are carried out in Lithuania, Scandinavian region, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, and in other European countries.

The company employs only the employees with high qualification and long work experience. The exclusive attention is given to the employees’ competence, training, qualification improvement, requalification, occupational safety and health, and quality.

“The work should not be started too solemnly – the celebration is in place only when the work has been completed” - J. W. Goethe

Chronology of the company's activities