Insulation and tinsmithing works

Daikra Engineering performs insulation/thermal insulation and tinsmithing works of piping systems, containers and tanks of various purposes. Our qualified employees may use the drawings to prepare various tin blanks necessary to perform the tinsmithing works of pipes, containers or tanks, and to select the most suitable insulation materials and methods.
The company also insulates walls, foundations, floors and ceilings of buildings, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, water-supply and wastewater systems. It installs thermal, cold, fire-safety, sound insulation and multi-layered panels.
We use own or the customer’s tools and materials indicated in the specifications (insulation cotton of all types, polystyrene foams, polyethylene film, ceramsite, vulcanisation and sealing belts, rubber insulation, glass tissues, shaped pieces, etc.) and blanks.
The performed works are in full compliance with the standards on fire safety, occupational safety and health, electric safety, quality, hygiene, environmental protection and professional ethics.